Thursday, November 22, 2007

Our First Note....

Welcome to the Minnesota Patriot Guard news area!

We've set up this area as an easy way to post news and updates to our members. This does not replace the mission calendar or events calendars - please check those often to see what's happening around the state.

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We'll get more recent news on here soon, but this first note will be short.

Today is Thanksgiving Day. It almost goes without saying that we're thankful for the freedoms we enjoy - freedoms that our military men and women defend on a daily basis. To those of you who are currently serving and are not at home with your families today - please know that you are loved and appreciated by many. We are thankful for YOU!

This is a beautiful tribute, on Thanksgiving Day:

And lastly...thank you, members of the Patriot Guard...for all you do.

Monica Mead
MN State Captain
Patriot Guard Riders