Tuesday, April 22, 2008

MN Patriot Guard Board of Directors Nominations

It is my pleasure to introduce the following nominees for the Minnesota Patriot Guard Board of Directors:

Joe Egan - Plymouth

James H. Elmquist - Rush City

John "Jack" Foster - Plymouth

Holly Frost - Bloomington

Brian Jones - Hager City - Current member of leadership

Christopher "Cowboy" Kamp - Blane

Tim Leonhardt - New Hope - Current member of leadership

Gary P. Meyers - Arden Hills

Michael P. "Medic Dad" O'Loughlin - Maple Lake

John Reuter - Walker

Sue Rochholz - Woodbury

Terrance J. Schwartz - St. Paul

Jerry R. Teeson - Coon Rapids

Terry R. Throndson - Rochester

Greg "Springer" Yung - Apple Valley

Please advise your Ride Captain as to your choice(s) of who you'd like to see elected to the Board of Directors. Since we didn't have as many nominations as anticipated we will hold only the one vote for the final four Board of Director positions to be filled.

The Leadership Advisory Committee will vote on 02 May 2008. The new board members will assume their positions on 05 May 2008.

Good luck to the ladies and gentleman listed above.