Thursday, September 4, 2008

Follow up KIA SSG Brian Studer, 28, of Ramsey, MN

MN Patriot Guard members...

We thought it appropriate to let you know that a very small group of Ride Captains and Assistant Ride Captains attended a mission today honoring SSG Brian Studer at his interment at FSNC. The family was clear in its request for a discreet and very low key mission. They were very concerned about uninvited guests showing up with the RNC being held in St Paul. Many of you have seen the video clips of the violent protests that have taken place and with that in mind their fears were founded on fact. That media released details of the services was unfortunate but the family did not change their request for a small discreet showing from us.

It is important to remember we serve at the pleasure of the families of the fallen. Our organization was founded on the principles of shielding them from unwanted disturbances at events surrounding the fallen heroes services. All of our decisions are made with that in mind and we will always consider them first.

Not opening this up as a general mission in no way implies that all of our members aren't deeply appreciated for their hard work. It was a decision based on how to best fulfill the family wishes.

If you have any questions please send an email to

Thanks for the hard work you do!