Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's Time To Nominate And Elect Two Board Of Directors Again

The Minnesota Patriot Guard need to elect two people to fill the expiring terms of Terry Throndson and Tim Leonhardt on the Board of Directors.

After reading these two documents, ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS.pdf and BOD Election.doc (both are clickable links), we'd like for you to nominate either yourself or another member that you feel possess the qualifications needed for this position. Please be sure the nomination papers are filled out completely and include a picture (digital is preferred) before turning them in. The two people who's terms are expiring can be renominated and reelected to the Board of Directors.

The Roles And Responsibilities Of The Board of Directors is in .PDF form. If you don't have Adobe Reader, please click here to download the latest reader.

Nominations are open from today to midnight 01 April 2009. We will post the names, along with links to resumes and pictures of those nominated by 04 April 2009 on our website's News & Notes. Please make your opinions known to your Ride Captain or other member of the Leadership Advisory Committee. Online voting will be conducted online from 06 April through midnight 15 April 2008 by the Leadership Advisory Committee (as listed in the linked documents), please vote for 2 people. After the current Board of Directors votes on or around 29 April 2009 to accept the recommendation of the Leadership Advisory Committee, the winners names will be posted on our website's News & Notes. The new board members will assume their position on 01 May 2009.