Friday, February 20, 2009

New State Captain

Over the last couple of weeks, the RCs and ARCs have made their recommendations for a new SC. This wasn't an easy task when you consider that there were some extremely well-qualified people, particularly George Winslow, Doug Bley and Nate "Birdie" Zenker.

I'm very pleased to announce that Doug Bley is the new State Captain for Minnesota.

Doug's been a rock-solid guy in the PGR for a long time...and he's been a "go-to guy" for me in a thousand ways. That's partly how he earned the nickname DOLT (Dude Of Lotsa Talents).

He's now all yours. Take good care of him, especially for the first few daughter hasn't given him his "official first aid kit for State Captains" yet. ;-)

Thank you Doug, for your willingness to serve. You've got a good head on your shoulders, a whole lot of talent, a huge heart, and most importantly....a great team of leaders and members all over the state who will always see that the mission gets accomplished.

I wish you the very best, my friend and brother...


Monica Mead
PGR Member