Monday, August 17, 2009

Some changes to our store....

Starting this week you will see some changes in how our store operates when shipping your orders out.

Our supporters at Dennis Kirk have offered to ship our store orders out at no charge. As many of the Dennis Kirk employees are members of the MN Patriot Guard it is a great fit!!!

The MN Patriot Guard is still responsible for the web site that takes the orders, processing and handling of money, and the types of inventory we sell. Dennis Kirk will be taking care of storing the inventory, printing the shipping orders out, packing the orders, and sending them out.

What you as customers of the store will see are faster shipping times!!

I want to thank John Redfield for the hours of work he spent shipping the store orders out over the last few years. John stepped into a tough situation and has since kept the store going and growing. John gets his weekends and garage back now with Dennis Kirk shipping the orders but he is still responsible for managing the store.

John will still be in charge of ordering material, designing new merchandise, and trouble shooting issues for us. He was handed some tough challenges with merchandise that wasn’t selling and we were hesitant to add new items with so much money invested in the store inventory. With inventory at it lowest levels in a few years John is working on some new items to introduce back to the lineup. Keep an eye on the store!

Thank you to Dennis Kirk for continuing to be there for us… They look at what they are doing is simple because they do this every day. We look at it with relief because John spent at least one full day per week shipping orders out of his house.