Friday, September 18, 2009

A wonderful thought touching a Gold Star family

This email was received by Deb Good from Deb Allen. Deb and Steve Allen live in Danbury, WI, and are the parents of Sgt Chad Allen, lost in iraq in 2007.

John Comer.. you are a wonderful person!

Steve and Deb.. we love you guys.


I wanted to write and let you know about the "Above and Beyond" mission a couple of your Patriot Riders did for us.

John R. Comer from the NE Metro came up yesterday from the cities by himself on his bike. We weren't home on Monday when he and his wife came by. He dropped off pictures he took at the Ogden, UT Patriot Guard get together (GOTG) of all the flags and informed us he was the one who sponsored the flag for Chad.

He had a picture of the flag with his info on there with the mountains in the background. They are all so beautiful, I dont know how they found Chads flag amongst all those flags. We are totally blown away with his thoughtfullness that he would come all the way up to our place to bring us these pictures to let us know he was the sponsor. He said he will mail us the flag when he gets it. All of you have done so much for the families and all of you have gone way beyond anything our family could ever ask for.

As he told us he did participate on the line at Chad's funeral. I was sad I didn't remember him being there, but I dont remember much those first two weeks. I wanted to share this story for you to share, and thanks aren't enough from us to you. I just had to let you know about the wonderful thing this man did in Chads memory.

Bless you all for all you do.
Deb Allen
(Sgt Chad Allen - Iraq)