Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mike McDonough - NW Metro ARC

Posted in the National Forum

Mike was in a serious bike accident down in Florida. He is currently in the ICU in St Petersburg. His injuries include a broken neck, head injury with internal bleeding and multiple broken ribs. He is intubated (breathing tube down the trachea) and is immobilized to protect his neck fracture. The good news is he is conscious and has feeling and movement in his extremities. The doctors will continue to monitor his brain bleed and other injuries and keep Mary apprised of the situation.

I ask that you all lift up Mike and Mary in your prayers, that he is able to have a complete recovery and to ease Mary's worry for Mike.

Mike is the first person to have made the beads we now all hang off of our PGR vests. He and his wife Mary have made thousands of them and donated over $2,000 to the MNPG from the proceeds.

Riding motorcycles is dangerous. When something like this happens let's all band together in prayer for Mike and Mary.