Friday, November 16, 2012

Info from National on Political/Partisan events

To our members,

The below statement is from the National PGR.  While the situation that prompted this email didn't happen here in Minnesota, it is something to be taken seriously.  The MN PG is also a 501c3 and participation in political/partisan activities could jeopardize our status.  We raise, recieve donations, and our store sales allow us to donate about 85K every year, right here in Minnesota, for our military and/or veterans - something we don't want to lose!  If you are going to attend a political/partisan activity, please refrain wearing anything that identifies you as a MN PG or PGR member or stating that you are a member.
“Use of the Patriot Guard Riders, Inc., (PGR) name or logo while participating in political / partisan activities is strictly prohibited. It places our status as an IRS approved 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit organization at risk. If documented evidence is provided to any level of PGR Leadership, failure to comply will result in immediate revocation of PGR Membership and removal from any position of Leadership within the PGR.”  "This info has also been uploaded to the FAQ and the Communications Announcements Forum in the National Communications and Announcements section. "