Sunday, September 8, 2013

Who is the Missions Team and what do they do?
The Missions Team is comprised of the 4 Senior Ride Captains, Assistant State Captain, and State Captain.  Prior State Captains & Assistant State Captains, who left their positions in good standing are also able to stay on the Missions Team if they wish.
The Missions Team is responsible for many things, and put in a lot of extra hours to ensure our mission is done.
  • Receives all mission requests and makes decisions based on the mission scope
  • If the request meets the mission scope it is passed on to the sector Ride Captain for final acceptance
  • Declines a request if it does not fit the mission scope
  • Upholds the Mission Scope, as voted on by the LAC and ratified by the Board of Directors.  Also charged with upholding the policies and guidelines of the organization.
  • Answer email inquiries from military, veterans, families, members, other organizations, and general questions about the organization
  • Determine exceptions to the Mission Scope
  • Involved in developing and making recommendations of guidelines, policies and mission scope prior to presentation to leadership