Thursday, March 27, 2014

The topic for this week covers our Liability Waiver, also known as the Ride Waiver, and sometimes referred to as the "sign-in sheet". The Liability Waivers are a requirement of the MN PG and the National PGR organization.

One of the MN PG Leadership's responsibilities is to minimize liability to the organization. One of the tools is the Liability Waiver. It has been vetted by lawyers and our insurance carrier. For those of us who ride, we are very familiar with Ride Waivers absolving those in charge/organizers of the ride from liability - our Waiver is no different.

The top line of the first page/cover page of our Liability Waiver states: "In consideration of being permitted to observe and/or participate in any way in this event, I, the undersigned.....". This means to participate in our invited group the waiver must be signed by all in our group.
We are invited guests of the family. If someone chooses not to follow the rules that protect our organization (the invited guests), they are not part of our group at that mission/event and therefore are not invited guests. The rules that protect our organization and our conduct at missions & events are a huge part of the outstanding reputation we enjoy, and the cooperation we receive from the military.
When signing in it needs to be your legal name/signature, anything other than that does not provide any liability protection. At stake is our ability to donate funds that help our military and veterans right here in Minnesota. I don't believe anyone is willing to jeopardize our ability to do that because some attendees do not wish to sign the waiver or to sign it correctly.