Thursday, June 26, 2014

We would like to announce two new Assistant Ride Captains in the Marshall Sector:  Bruce Knieff and  Earl Pederson - thank you both!!
We often get asked by new members if there is a specific number of missions required per year to be a part of the MN PG or PGR.  The answer is NO!  We are grateful for what each and every one of our members can contribute.  Some have weekday jobs making attendance during the week difficult, and we have members who are enjoying retirement or different work schedules that can help out during the week day missions.  As a team, we can work together to make sure a military member and/or veteran is given Honor, Dignity and Respect.  What you as an individual can give, is always appreciated - whether by your attendance or a prayer for mission safety for all involved - it all matters and it's all appreciated.
It doesn't matter if you ride - it doesn't matter if you are a veteran.  What matters is your heart for those who are and have served.
Thank you for all you do!