Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Board Members

To the 15 men and women who agreed to be nominees for the Minnesota Patriot Guard Board of Directors, we thank you. You have all stood on the flag line countless time in honor of Heroes, and your willingness to do much more than that is sincerely appreciated.

All of us on the current board were heartened to see such a wide slate of well-qualified people to choose from – and I think we were all grateful that the difficult choice was not made solely by us, but by all the leadership team in Minnesota with input from the most important people in this organization – those of you, who stand on the flag line.

The Leadership Advisory Committee comprised of: 20 Ride Captains; 3 Senior Ride Captains; Law Enforcement Coordinator; Safety Coordinator; Events & General Fundraising Coordinator; Corporate Fundraising Coordinator; Public Relations Coordinator; and Assistant HOTH Coordinator, voted last week. The following four people were recommended to Board: Tim Leonhardt; Jerry Teeson; Terry Throndson; and Greg Yung.

Based on that recommendation, the Board held a brief meeting following the Heroes United event for Gold Star Families in St. Cloud on Saturday. The recommendation of those four people was accepted unanimously.

Welcome aboard Tim, Jerry, Terry and Greg.

Together with you, our rank and file members, we can make a difference.