Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Yesterday we celebrated another Memorial Day, the day set aside to honor those who served this country and paid the ultimate price. Once again some of us remembered fallen comrades and their dreams and hopes. Some remembered fallen loved ones and wondered what life would have been like with them around. And like in the movie "Saving Private Ryan" some of us questioned if we've lived up to the standards that our fallen comrades/loved ones would have wished for us, when they laid down their lives for us. And we turn to our loved ones and asked, "Am I a good man/woman?" "Did I measure up?"

Some of us remembered the Memorial Day parades of our youth, when our family members wore their ill fitting uniforms and marched past us in the parade. Or we made floats out of our bikes and rode in the parade. Some may remember a time when it wasn't popular to support those who made that ultimate sacrifice. Thankfully yesterday we had the chance to once again honor them publicly.

One of the things I appreciate most about Patriot Guard Riders is it gives us all a chance to demonstrate not just once a year at Memorial Day, but each and every day, the honor and respect we hold for the military personnel who sacrifice much while serving their country, protecting our freedoms.

Thank you for your service, and know that we will never forget you or your sacrifices. God Bless you today and every day.