Friday, June 6, 2008


The next time you wonder if you really make a difference in a military persons life by taking a couple hours to stand on the flag line, rest assured YOU DO!

Lynn and I were privileged to represent the Minnesota Patriot Guard at the Freedom Salute Ceremony of the 147th Personnel Services Battalion, Minnesota Army National Guard at the Rosetown American Legion in Roseville, MN on Sunday 01 June 2008. I estimate that there were about 100 soldiers present, then their spouses and children, and in some instances, their parents. I believe that every soldier came over and shook my hand and told me how much they appreciated the Patriot Guard. I also believe that every parent present came over to thank us for what you our members do.

When Command Sergeant Major Robert J. Schreiner presented the Minnesota Patriot Guard with a Certificate of APPRECIATION the entire room stood and gave us (MN Patriot Guard) a standing ovation (the only one of the day). CSM Schreiner thanked us for showing up to sent them off to Afghanistan last year. He thanked us for sending them a Patriot Guard Riders flag that you had signed, saying it let them know that someone back home besides their families cared about them. Then we showed up to welcome them back and how much that meant to them. But, when we showed up at the MIRT (Monthly Individual Reintegration Training) classes they were blown away. They couldn't believe how much we actually cared about them and that it was more than just mear words. Your actions spoke much louder than your words did.

So rest assured that when you stand on that flag line it does make a difference to that young man or woman, and that they will never forget how special you made them feel. I know most of us believe that they are the heroes, but in their eyes, you are the hero. Thank you for making a difference.

It is an honor and a privilege to be associated with such a fantastic group of men and women as the Minnesota Patriot Guard.