Friday, March 13, 2009

February Activities

Not really right after February but every month we will posting the activities from the month before. The membership all over this state is helping make a difference.

In March we have had many send offs already for the Red Bulls and more to come. Time after time what we hear from them is a very humbling "Thank You." They are scared and worried and knowing that you are behind them helps not just our soldiers but their families as well.

We are also building a strong relationship with the Marine Reserve stations here in MN and are looking forward to being invited to Send Offs and Welcome Homes for them in future! MGySgt Wald has been a good friend and supporter. Rah!

The Grand Rapids sector had its first KIA Honor Mission. RC Don Adamson and everybody helping out did a wonderful job honoring CWO Windorski and letting that family and community know we love and support them.

Thanks again for being part of what this organization does and helping make a difference to our military and veterans.

February 09

KIA/Active Duty Funeral - 1
Veterans Funeral - 3
Honor Mission - 1
Send Off - 5
Wounded Welcome Home - 1
Veterans Home Event - 3
Meet & Greet - 1
Monthly Tribute Mankato - 1
Information Booth- 2

Total Number To Date