Thursday, April 9, 2009

MN Patriot Guard March 2009 Activities

Happy Spring!!!  Maybe.. hopefully...  any day now!

To our friends in the Red River Valley we are hoping that things work out Ok from the flooding.  We know they are tough days and hopefully things get back to normal soon.

Below is our activity in March 2009.  

One thing not listed on here is a donation we made to an important group.  The "Dear American Hero" cards have found their way into our organization since I have been around.  I have handed them out to to military members literally around the world.  Thanks to Ron Reineke we found out that Dick Glasgow lost his sponsorship of the printing.  With that the Minnesota Patriot Guard made a donation to him to help keep the cards being printed.  If you have been a recipient of these cars please consider helping Dick out with a small donation of your own.

On a serious note.  John "Indian" Thompson has been challenged seriously with some health issues.  John recently underwent brain surgery and every report we have received is very positive.  Respecting his privacy means that John "Knee Cap" "Finigan" Foster can't say everything he knows.  Indian John resigned his RC position in order  to focus on his health and I personally want to thank John for his service.  There have been few members as dedicated as he.  See ya back soon on the flag line IJ!
    March 09
KIA/Active Duty/LEO Funeral   3
Veterans Funeral   3
Honor Mission    
Welcome Home   2
Send Off   6
Wounded Welcome Home    
Benefit   2
MIRT   1
Veterans Home Event   2
Meet & Greet   7
Memorial Dedication    
Gold Star Event    
Blue Star Mothers Event   1
Monthly Tribute Mankato   1
Bronze Star Ceremony    
Fund Raiser   3
Information Booth    
Veterans Day Event   1
Memorial Day Event    
POW/MIA Rememberance    
Vietnam Wall Escort    
Wreaths Across America    
Tribute Ride    
National Guard Event    
Total Number To Date   32