Monday, May 4, 2009

Results of the 2009 MN Patriot Guard Board of Directors Election

The Board of Directors has ratified and voted on the recommendation of the Leadership Advisory Committee and named the following people to the BoD.

At Large Members - Two Year Terms
John Redfield
John "Jack" Foster

Ride Captain Representative to the Executive BoD - One Year Term
Tim Leonhardt


Thank you to all who put their name out as a candidate. Everyone had something to offer the organization and would have helped make it better! I learned something about everybody while reading the bio's you supplied and am interested in your thoughts on what we do.

A special "thanks" to Terry Throndson who helped us through our first year as a full BoD. Many of the things we did were for the first time so it was a year of great learning... I look forward to riding with you Digger...