Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Board of Directors Elections and Asst State Captain

Members of the Minnesota Patriot Guard,

We have a number of things to announce!!
Board of Directors

We recently elected two members to the Board of Directors that will be effective May 10, 2010.

Elected by Leadership Advisory Committee, and ratified by the Board of Directors, are Cheryl Berg Wineman and Greg “Springer” Yung to serve two year terms.

Cheryl is an active member who we at missions most often see wearing a pink vest! Cheryl has served as a business manager in the medical field and has significant understanding of financial management and audit compliance.

Greg is a returning Board member agreeing to help out for two more years. A Navy veteran of 6 years in Vietnam Greg has a long history of success in business serving at one point as a Vice President in a large medical device company.

Both Cheryl and Greg have tremendous passion for the Patriot Guard and are just the kind of people we need helping us out.

Leaving the Board is Jerry Teeson. Jerry was instrumental and key helping us form how the Board should be structured and how it can work. He belongs to numerous professional organizations and was one of two real estate agents nationwide to receive a Distinguished Service award from the National Association of Realtors in 2009. Jerry also serves on the Board for Trout Unlimited here in Minnesota. Thank you Jerry for your service to our country in the Army and for being so key in helping the Minnesota Patriot Guard move forward.
Assistant State Captin

George Winslow has accepted the role of High Plains Regional Captain with the Patriot Guard Riders. As a National leader George stepped down from his role as Minnesota Assistant State Captain and member of the Board. I can not ever thank George enough for his dedication and energy while being in his role as Mankato Sector Ride Captain and Assistant State Captain. He has been rock solid and steady in helping us go from a bunch of rag tag motorcyclists to one of the best Patriot Guards in the country. I will miss George’s guidance as Assistant Sate Captain but will still lean on him as a friend. Best of luck George!!

Replacing George as Assistant Sate Captain is Tim Leonhardt. Many of you know Tim as the guy always hustling and helping at missions around the state with his floppy High Plans Drifter hat on! Tim is currently serving as Northwest Metro Ride Captain, Web Master, and Ride Captain Representative to the Board of Directors. Tim is the kind of person who when I asked others what they thought of my naming him as this said ”good call… the best choice!” With Tim assuming this role he will relinquish his role as ride Captain Representative on the Board and we will soon launch another election to replace his position as that.

Both Tim and George’s changes are effective immediately.

Sometimes when we have leadership changes people begin to get nervous. I am a firm believer that in an organization like ours change is great! We get new ideas, new energy, new ways of looking at things, and we can forward faster. If we get stale or stagnant as leaders we begin to get bored and end up in the same routines. Change helps avoid that possible problem.

This is also a volunteer organization and none of our jobs should be full time. We all have family and jobs to tend to and after a few years it is time to go back and make sure we are taking care of them. The amount of time a Ride Captain and other leaders invest is large. Each mission takes hours to plan and all that time is being taken away from something else. Next time you see your Ride Captain please let him or her know that you appreciate what they do. None of them do it for the recognition or glory.. but a pat on the back goes a long way to filling up their emotional gas tanks!

Doug Bley
Minnesota Patriot Guard
State Captain
President, Board of Directors