Friday, June 21, 2013

Why do we have 2 calendars on our website?
- Anything that is an official mission or event of the MN PG per Mission Scope is placed on the MN PG calendar. The MN PG has responsibility for those or we have a part in it that we manage and we run them. RCIC's are assigned and we officially participate and represent the MN PG organization.
- The Non MN PG calendar is for events that benefit/proceeds go to support military and/or veterans for member awareness if they wish to attend on their own as part of the general community/private citizen. There is no official participation or representation of the MN PG/PGR or members in these events. Members can wear their patches to these events, as long as they are participating as part of the public and not in any official capacity at the event, in the program or otherwise making it appear to be official MN PG/PGR participation.  Members asked for a way to know what else was going on around the state to support military & veterans if there wasn't a mission going on or one going on in their area.