Thursday, July 4, 2013

Board of Directors & New Assistant Ride Captains

On June 22, 2013, the MN PG Board of Directors, elected Tim Leonhardt as President, and Mark Lea as Vice President of the MN PG BoD (our 501c3).

On April 2, positions on the Board of Directors were opened to membership, and 2 candidates applied.  After Leadership Advisory Council (LAC) vote and Board approval, Mark Lea and Mike O'Loughlin were approved to fill the 2 open positions for a two year term. Craig Ugland has filled the Senior Ride Captain position on the BoD.  Congratulations and thanks to all for their willingness to volunteer extra time to the organization!

Lon & Angela Hellerud have accepted the position of Assistant Ride Captains in Metro SE Sector. Also, Rex Morgan and Justine Morgan have accepted the position of Assistant Ride Captains in the Metro NW- thanks to all of them!

All Board Members and MN PG leadership are volunteers - they give their time to not only stand the flag line when able, but make sure missions are set up, conducted, calendars are posted and emails sent.  They all do a fantastic job of coordinating with each other and helping out when & where needed.  Members stand the flag line and leaders get everything set up - it's a joint effort and both are needed to make sure Honor, Dignity, and Respect is bestowed upon invite.

Correction to last week's post:  The MN PG back patch and logo are under copyright, not trademark.  Expressed permission for anyone to use them is still required, and violations could be prosecuted under the law.  Apologies for the error.