Tuesday, July 16, 2013

To clarify some questions we get about clothing attire at missions and what is appropriate:

- We are often times at a funeral - someone's loved one that we are there to pay Honor, Dignity and Respect to.  We wear jeans, boots and leather - all fine.  If what you are wearing would be OK for someone standing the flag line for your loved one - you are OK!  (No body parts hanging out that shouldn't be - keep it respectful).

- As we are in public and representing the MN PG/PGR, offensive patches need to be covered up while at a mission.  There are children in attendance.  Likewise, pay attention to wording on t-shirts.  We are non-political.  We wouldn't want someone to regret their choice in inviting us or to cause someone not to invite us to honor their loved one.

- Some members have been told they have to be wearing a MN PG back patch or MN PG logo patch on their vest to attend a mission - there is no requirement that MN PG back patches or logo patches are required to attend/participate at a mission.  We have members that belong to other organizations/groups and they are welcome on our flag line as long as they are following the requirements of the MN PG while on our mission.

Thank you for all you do!