Thursday, August 22, 2013

Organization Structure - what is the difference between the MN PGR and MN PG Inc?

The National organization Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) is responsible for missions in all 50 states. Each state has a State Captain (currently Karla Richardson) assigned to it.

Early on it was evident that there was a need to setup a means for communication and a way to distribute money that was donated within Minnesota, so the MN Patriot Guard Inc. (MN PG) was created.

MN PG set up the state with 20 Sectors, falling under 3 Regions (Northern, Metro, and Southern). This allows for easy communication and set up of mission requests following the Mission Scope which is located under “Members Documents” on the webpage.
The State Captain has a Ride Captain (RC) assigned to each sector who is responsible for missions within that sector, and they are assisted by Assistant Ride Captains (ARC’s). Each Region has a Senior Ride Captain (SRC) who helps oversee the sectors in that region.

In order to maintain a balance and consistency of the missions in Minnesota the MN PG created a “Mission Scope” and the Missions Team (consisting of the SRC’s, the Assistant State Captain (ASC), and the State Captain (SC). Missions Team is responsible for assisting the SC in making sure that Mission Scope is followed state wide.

To make it fair across the state, decisions on mission related items the Leadership Advisory Council (LAC) was created. The LAC consists of all the RC’s, and SRC’s and are voting members of the MN PG,. (The ASC and SC are not voting members). An example of something that would have to be voted on is any changes to the Mission Scope - once the LAC has voted, it is sent to the BoD for ratification.

Following weeks topics:
¨         Missions Team and Mission Scope
¨         MN Patriot Guard Inc.
¨         Leadership descriptions
¨         Communications and webpage in Minnesota
¨         MN PG Board of Directors (BoD)