Thursday, August 8, 2013

We frequently get asked about wearing MN PG/PGR apparel outside of our official missions and events. Does how we conduct ourselves while wearing the gear make a difference in the perception of the organization and the community? Absolutely it does! We are representing not only the organization, leaders & members, our military and veterans, but also all those we have stood for and beside, no matter where we are.

We have recieved email complaints that a PGR member flicked someone the bird while travelling down the road. The person that emailed us wasn’t very impressed with our organization if we have members doing that. Or a email that saw someone wearing identifying gear doing something somewhere that they felt reflected poorly on the organization and our mission.

A few weeks ago, we recieved a letter from an individual quite upset (very apparent in the language used in the letter). While clothing was not an issue in this complaint, the use of our generic MN PG business card left in a mailbox was. Apparently some one took issue with the US flag in his yard, and left a note along with one of our generic business cards,  that the flag was a disgrace to our veterans and our country. This man was a veteran - and he was very upset with the organization and our members. The letter did not explain what the issue was with his flag, but the lesson learned here is that if you see something that you feel you can’t agree with and it is your business to address, don’t interject the MN PG or the PGR into it. Ring the door bell and talk with the man, offer to purchase him a new flag, etc., but this is not MN PG or PGR business - it’s private business and should be handled without any MN PG or PGR identification.

On the flip side, I recieved a email quite awhile ago from a lady that just happened to be having coffee in the local cafe across the street from where we were conducting a mission.  She said as she sat there watching us, so was so impressed by our professionalism and how we conducted ourselves, and told of the comments from other patrons of how impressed they were with the way we show Honor, Dignity, and Respect.

Patches in our organization are purchased, not earned. We are not a MC, or even a Riding Club. Wearing your patch where you wish comes with the responsibility of taking care to represent the MN PG/PGR and our mission in a positive light.

People do watch what we do! The last thing we want is for someone to come to regret inviting us in a time of need, or someone to not invite us, because of the actions of a few.

Thank you for all you do!