Friday, May 15, 2015

Listed below are the volunteer members who make up the Board of Directors for the MN Patriot Guard.  This information can also be found on our web site
BOD: Karla Richardson - Verndale, MN 
BOD: Craig Ugland - Rochester, MN
BOD: Mark Lea - Elk River, MN
BOD: Bob Gindorff - White Bear Lake, MN
BOD: Dick Kelso - New Hope, MN
At Large Members
BOD: Doug Bley - Rogers, MN (2016)
BOD: Greg Yung - Apple Valley, MN (2016)
BOD: Mike O'Loughlin - Maple Lake, MN (2017)
BOD: Dave Winkler - Newport, MN (2017)
The listed above can be reached by emailing
MN Patriot Guard President -Doug Bley
MN Patriot Guard Vice President - Mark Lea
MN Patriot Guard Treasurer - Bob Gindorff
MN Patriot Guard Secretary - Dick Kelso
Thanks for all you do!!!