Friday, May 15, 2015

Members - just wanted to make a friendly reminder to everyone! 
There are a lot of upset people right now with our Government, flag-stomping, disrespect to the flag or showing lack of respect to the flag and the National Anthem, etc. - on both sides of the issue.  Protests are going on around the state and the nation.
If you wish to attend, please leave the MN PG/PGR gear/identification at home and attend as a private citizen.  The PGR/MN PG are not a protest or a counter-protest group, and we cannot participate in political events/issues. 
You are certainly encouraged to participate on your own if you wish - it's one of the freedoms that our military served for.  But leave the gear at home.  We cannot jeopardize our 501c3, our relationship with the military, and the much respected image of the organization that you have helped to create.
Thank you for all you do!