Thursday, June 4, 2015

We would like to announce some leadership changes in the Southern Region.  Joel, the Albert Lea Ride Captain and Southern Region Senior Ride Captain has relocated to Wisconsin. 
Joel - thank you for everything, and your many years dedicated to the mission of the MN PG/PGR!  Wisconsin is gaining a great asset - we wish you all the very best!
Paul Ramsbey, Worthington Ride Captain, accepted the position of Southern Region Senior Ride Captain.  After votes by the leadership in the Southern Region, he became the SRC for the Southern Region effective 1 June.  Paul brings a wealth of knowledge to the position and the Southern Region will remain in good hands. 
Richard Clark accepted the position of Ride Captain for the Albert Lea sector - thank you Richard!  Chuck Crabtree also came on as an Assistant Ride Captain in Albert Lea. 
Thank you to both of these gentlemen for their willingness to step into leadership!
Thank you to all for everything you do!  We can't do our mission without the leaders and members that make it all happen.