Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Let's Remember to say Thank You to our Veterans

While attending the funeral of PFC Jesse Caballero in Mankato, a gentleman approached where we were sitting and informed us that while he was older than Jesse, he had been a long time friend, and that he himself had served 4 years overseas in the Army during WWII. He had lost his brothers due to complications arising from their service in the war. Then he walked across the room and sat down beside his wife. I was busy digging for the Thank You cards that we normally give to returning War on Terror personnel. I went over and slipped him one of the cards and returned to my seat.

After a few minutes, this gentleman returned to our table and with his eyes full of tears, he said, "Thank you for presenting me with the most wonderful present I've ever gotten. Although I'm not sure I am deserving of such an honor." Coop and I assured him he was and we were proud of the sacrifices he'd made in defending our freedoms.

What's on the card you ask:

Dear American Hero,

I am not certain as to how to express my gratitude for all you have done to secure my freedom. Please accept this simple card as a small token of my appreciation.

A grateful American Citizen.

And on the flip side:

Thank You For Your Service and Dedication to Our Country!

We remember to thank the War on Terror kids, and the Vietnam Veterans, let's not forget to thank all veterans, especially those WWII veterans who are dying at the rate of over 1,000 per day. It doesn't take much time to say Thank You and I know it sure made an impact on the veteran mentioned above.