Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Call to Action.....

Minnesota Patriot Guard Riders….

We are being put to the test in the next weeks in a way we have not been before. Six military members with Minnesota ties have made the ultimate sacrifice in the last two weeks.

SGT Wayne Hosford
SPC Daniel Drevnick
SPC James Wertish
SPC Carlos Wilcox IV
Capt. Thomas Gramith
CPL Ben Kopp

That they have given their lives in service to our country we can do nothing about. We can though ensure their families and communities know they are being remembered today and in the future by our presence.

It is unavoidable that some of these missions might be at the same time or very close to it. We will adapt and ensure each family is supported by our presence if requested.

I am asking each of you, personally, to consider making the choice to attend one of these upcoming honor missions. I know the time crunch as well as any of you with work and family demands. I feel blessed to be working with a great job and a wonderful family. I don’t make every mission I’d like because of them.

But… Once in a while you get an opportunity to do something meaningful. All it takes is a few hours of your time. It is an opportunity to give back to those who have given more than any of us unless you also have lost a family member to war.

Our organization was founded on the premise there are no requirements to be a member. No obligations, no orders, no expectations. That will always be so in the Minnesota Patriot Guard. You are free to make what ever choice you want to participate.

And that freedom of choice is yours because of the ultimate sacrifice of the few. There are times where we need to sacrifice some of our time in recognition of a larger sacrifice. It might mean giving up a golf game, giving up a fun ride with friends, maybe a day of vacation you didn’t have a plan for. It might also cost you more if you have to take a needed day of vacation, give up some pay for the day, or put you further behind your home projects.

In any of the above though none, not one of them, is close to what our heroes have sacrificed without asking anything of us.

I am making the choice to stand for our heroes. Will you stand with me?