Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thank You From Heroes United

On behalf of the Turcotte/Skagerberg family, I wish to thank all of you in the MN Patriot Guard for all that you do for our Minnesota Gold Star families, not the least of which is your total support in bringing many of us together through the Heroes United annual dinners.

Through the dinner you provided an avenue for us to spend time together in a larger group than we might ever otherwise manage to do. It was very much appreciated. We are already "brainstorming" for next year, so we are on the right track, I feel, toward taking ownership of the planning for future annual dinners, with your support behind us.

Scheduling this year's dinner in conjunction with the 4th annual Patriot Ride also afforded us a unique view of the MN PGR in full swing! Jen and I were fortunate to have the honor (and extreme fun!) of riding along this year, with special thanks to "Wing Bob" and to Dave Lund for their generosity. And the bus was another plus for Gold Stars who wanted to take part in the fun . It was impressive to see and get insight into all that goes into staging such a ride. I am sure similar preparation must go into all your missions, making all the impromptu missions your organization is called on to do even more amazing.

Please pass on to all your PGR members our sincere thanks and admiration for all you do, for the patriotism with which you operate, and for the patriotism you inspire all around you as you honor our loved ones. You truly brighten our lives with your warmth and caring.

God bless all of you as you ride!

Betsy Turcotte
Proud Grandmother of SGT Nicholas Turcotte