Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to all of our friends across the world who believe in freedom!

That America can sustain its culture after so many years is nothing short of amazing when you look at history yet simple to understand when you look at its premise.

Freedom of just about all choices is the foundation I love about our country. Each of us makes choices every day and is accountable for that choice. We get to look in the mirror at the end of the day and know that the person looking back at us is the reason for the good, or not so good, things that happened that day.

None of us believe in the same exact things yet we all work together for this common cause of supporting our military. There are voices out there we wish we could silence yet it is the right of the other voice to be heard that makes our country so special.

From the citizen soldiers at Bunker Hill to the professional Marines who today are securing the safety of Southern Afghanistan by driving the Taliban out our freedoms are based on knowing our military is there to help us in times of need.. across the world. Thank you for you service and may you be kept safe.