Tuesday, May 26, 2009

34th CAB Return Home

I just got home from the last Welcome Home in St Paul. As I type the last bus is probably pulling into Camp Ripley.

These missions are just so good for your soul. The sheer joy and raw emotion you see with the families can just take your breath away. The lines of families while they are being dismissed must be what the land grab races must have looked like in Kansas.... everyone pressed up against the line but not daring to cross it.... then bursting across it when they can. Interesting to watch.. the soldiers, before they see their families, shake their buddies hands one more time.

We had fun tonight letting kids sit on the bikes, blow the horns, and even rev them up. The kids will never remember our names but hopefully as the years go by they will remember the bikers who were there to meet Dad and allow us a bit more room on the entrance ramp. Meeting Pastor Chuck's son was a cool "cherry topping" to the evening.

There are more from this unit who are returning home in July. They are attached to the Marines as Medical support. God Bless you men and women.

Kudos to Rick Williams (SE Metro RC) and CPT Martin who did an excellent job handling every change that came along... high five guys!

We move from the joyous to serious this weekend with the Remember the Fallen Tributes. Attend one to understand what our core mission is. I saw a lot names this last weekend I remembered standing for.

I can never say this enough. It is a honor to be a member of the organization. It is also my distinct honor and pleasure to stand next to all of you. I am so proud of what you do and your willingness to sacrifice your evening at a moments notice.