Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vietnam Vet Welcome Home

I have a request of all of you.  The Vietnam Vet Welcome Home is being planned for June 13, 2009.  Long over due but the state of Minnesota is going to make this happen.

The request is pretty simple.  Tell every Vietnam Era vet you know that it is happening.  Ask them to check out and let them know they can register ahead of time.

It is a special day with many speakers, fly over of Vietnam era aircraft including some B-52's, and entertainers.

The MInnesota Secretary of State will read the roll call of the 1,080 Minnesotans who fell and the 43 who are still missing from the Vietnam War at 11 AM.

I was 12 years old when the treaty was signed.  I didn't understand it but knew something was going listening to my younger uncles arguing with the older ones about not going.

At 12 years old I couldn't begin the understand the dynamics of those times while living in them.  What I can do now, what we all can do now, is help make up for the hurts of long ago.  By letting those Vets know that we do care, we thank them for their service, and let them know we are glad they made it home.

If you know a Vietnam Vet please let them know this is happening.  No one can make them attend but at least let them make that choice.  I am stunned yet today at the number of them who don't know about it.

I will be there that day helping where I can and staying in the background.  Please consider doing the same.