Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Both ends of the spectrum

As I write this, there's someone pretty special who should be just getting off a plane in Minneapolis. His name is Marcus Kuboy. He's one of our own, and he's coming HOME.

Patriot Guard members are gathering right now at the home of Marc's father to welcome him back home to Minnesota. This was such a short notice, only the NW Metro sector received an email about it. I'm sorry there was no time to tell more people about this mission, but I still want to tell you about Marc, and about a couple named Ann and Ted Nettles.

Marc was wounded in a humvee explosion. He's spent a long, long time recuperating from broken legs and vertebrae, along with other multiple injuries. Ann and Ted are a couple who have come to feel that Marc and his brother are family. I know it's hard on them to say goodbye, but they're also overjoyed that Marc's has recovered enough to return home. So are we.

Ann and Ted are PGR members in Maryland. In addition to being Ride Captains, they're extremely involved in PGR's Help On The Homefront (HOTH). They visit countless wounded servicemen and women at Walter Reed, and get in touch with us when they're coming home. Actually, they do a lot more than visit them - they nearly adopt them. Marc and his brother Kip spent Thanksgiving with the Nettles family.

Welcome home, Marc. We're here for you. And thank you Ann and Ted, for being there for one of our men, and for doing what you do in HOTH. The Patriot Guard is blessed to have people like you.

One of our HOTH activities here in Minnesota is visits to veteran's homes. We've sponsored bingo games at the Minneapolis Veteran's Home for quite some time now, and I'm sad to report that we have an honor mission for one of the residents of the Home.

Ronald Earl LaBar, 64, a USN Vietnam Veteran passed away December 13. His family has requested our presence at his services tomorrow, so this is very short-notice. Information for this mission is available on the state mission calendar or on the National website; links to both are on the right-hand side of this page.


Edit: Added photo of Ann, Ted and Marc