Saturday, December 8, 2007

In the last week...

In the last week we've seen the cold and snow of a Minnesota winter. We've also seen the dedication of countless members who stood in the cold at honor missions. Although the Ride Captains haven't had a chance to post their reports in the mission threads yet, I know things went well. Thank you to everyone who assembled in the freezing weather to pay honor and respect to SFC John Tobiason and Bill Juneau.

These are a few comments from Rochester RC Craig Ugland, who was at the memorial service for SFC Tobiason in Kasson:

Ms. Tobiason was in the sanctuary with the Blue Star Mothers where she was presented with her Gold Star. I wanted to wait to dismiss the flag line until she had left the Sanctuary, then the Narthex, to the Fellowship Hall, before we dismissed the flag line. Well, she entered the Narthex, in plain sight of us through the large glass entry to the church. We all watched as she gave hugs to friends and family, and then we watched as she turned to look out at us, all at attention, looking in with flags held high. She walked over to the glass, tears streaming down her face, as they are mine as I write this. She crossed her hands over her chest as she mouthed "Thank You" to us. I can guarantee there was not a cheek without frozen tears among all of us standing outside.


Last weekend, a benefit was held for Veteran and fellow PGR member Rick Tveit - it was definitely a success, and Rick was able to be in attendance. This is a note from Rick:

I would like to personally thank Starr, Jim, Keith, Greg and everyone who shared without a doubt the greatest outpouring of affection I have witnessed. I was so moved and choked up by the events of the day I had to break up the thank yous and speaking at the mike. I couldn't speak without shedding a tear, That is something my friends, family and those who know me found amusing in a loving way.
My wife is from the Philippines and is never ceased to be amazed at how we come together and support each other here. Thanks to all of you we will be able to get far enough ahead to travel back to the Philippines while I am still able to travel. We have a new Grandson I'll be able to see and spend time with the kids. That is a dream come true as the kids mean the world to us.
Here's a funny little bit of humor. After the event Dedette and I were sitting together and she ran her fingers through my she came back with a hand full hair, A tug on my beard resulted in a hand full of whiskers. It looks like this time my Chemo is going to win out on my hair, ha ha.
Thanks again,
Rick & Dedette

A few people have asked if donations are still being accepted - if you'd like more information on that, please contact Starr Marshall, the Brainerd Ride Captain, by email:

Rick, you remain in our thoughts and prayers.