Friday, December 14, 2007

You wouldn't guess...

You wouldn't guess the temps are "below normal" in Minnesota right now, judging by the people who are willing to stand in a flag line when it's zero degrees. I understand 30-40 people were able to attend the services of Michael Weiss today. Thank you all.

Tomorrow morning there will be Wreaths Across America; we will be active at both Fort Snelling and in Rochester. In addition, we have the opportunity to welcome home more of the Red Bulls at their Reintegration Training in Inver Grove Heights.

We also have a short-notice mission in the Brainerd sector for Chuck Lange, a Vietnam Veteran. More information can be found in the mission thread:

I know you're the warmest people in the world on the inside...but dress warmly for the outside too. More than one of our Ride Captains has said that they have a hard time talking some of you into taking a break to warm up. Listen to 'em please - don't think you have anything to prove. We already KNOW you're tough.