Friday, December 28, 2007

A Recent Mission

We recently had the honor of a very happy welcome home mission. Below is the mission report from the RC...and a great photo of a happy family!

Mission Report: Sgt. Chad Hagg Welcome Home Pillager, MN 22 DEC 07

I arrived in Pillager with my son Nick at 1100 and went to the fire station to coordinate with the fire dept and the LEO.

The fire trucks left early so they arrived ahead of the scheduled 1145 setting up of the flag line. We made a mad scramble and got everyone on the street in time to see them coming up the road about 1/2 mile away. There were two fire trucks in front and a fire dept pickup and the police car behind him.

Sgt. Hagg walked down the flag line in his fatigues without a coat, but he would not go inside until he had shook everyone's hand. I presented him with a copy of the check from the Minnesota Patriot Guard and the Quilt of Valor provided by Karla Richardson.

After Sgt. Hagg went inside, we retired to Steve's Club for a post mission gathering. While there, Karla Richardson ARC from Detroit Lakes presented Jim Hicks, a disabled veteran on his second mission, with a Quilt of Valor for his service to the country. Thank you Karla for honoring both men with the quilts. That was pretty special.

PGR members in attendance were: 3 from ND; 4 from the Detroit Lakes Sector; 17 from the Brainerd Sector, and 1 from Atlanta, GA, all standing together on the flag line, PGR is truly without borders.

When I got home the check for Sgt. Hagg had arrived. I arranged to meet at Steve's club in Pillager and I got to visit with Sgt. Hagg, his wife, and his children, for about an hour. He asked to hear the story about Patriot Guard Riders, both Nationally and locally, then responded "THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!" And could I pass along "A very special thanks to those that were here yesterday." He also wanted to tell you that the money will be put to good use taking care of family needs.

Sgt. Hagg was in charge of Road Clearance for his Unit. He was actually blown up 10 times! During the 10th time he received his injuries. The 15 other soldiers doing the same job in his unit all came home safely.

Thank you Sgt. Hagg for your sacrifices and we are thankful you are home.

Starr Marshall
Brainerd Sector RC