Thursday, December 13, 2007

Heroes Past and Present

Minnesota members,

Another Minnesotan has lost his life in Iraq. Army Specialist Randy W. Pickering of Bovey, Minnesota died December 9th in Baghdad.

According to the Casualty Assistance Officer assigned to help his family through the days ahead, his services will be held in Michigan. The State Captain of Michigan is on top of this now, and we are standing down in Minnesota.

For those of you who'd like to post condolences for his family and show your appreciation for one of our own from the Iron Range, this is a link to the mission thread on the National website:

This Friday, there is an honor mission in Brooklyn Park for Michael Weiss, a Vietnam Veteran who recently passed away after suffering from the effects of Agent Orange for many years. This is a link to the mission thread:

Spc. Pickering and Michael in peace. You will not be forgotten.