Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hi MN Patriot Guard... we have a request of our PGR friends in MN even though it might not be popular.

There are many cool things to do in support not just of our military and but also of our country and other patriots. You should show your support for what your heart tells you to do, please just do it as   a citizen and not a representive of the Patriot Guard.

If you are going to attend an event such as the Flag Rally recently held in Brooklyn Park.... please don't wear your MN Patriot Guard gear. It is very important that we be non political and wearing the gear to it makes us look like we are lobbying or protesting a decision made by the government.  We are not a protest nor a counter-protest group.

Also...there are many events people hold that aren't Patriot Guard related though in support of our military. Please be very careful to not give the impression it is Patriot Guard related. We don't attend events where we are the "bunting on the stage", we are not honor guards, nor are we a "Flag Line" for hire. 

The MN Patriot Guard has a Mission Scope which governs our group on what we do. All based on our mission statement on our webpage. We moderate when we have flaglines because we need to not let the meaning of them get so common they don't stand as honor, dignity, and respect for our fallen heroes any longer.

A few years somebody did a flag line for Lee Greenwood because he sings Patriotic Songs.  Yes he does and he has made millions of dollars from them and he has never served in the military.

Somebody also did a flag line for Willie G Davidson because he is a patriot.  Willie was an executive in a motorcycle company that still doesn't acknowledge the PGR and he never served in the military.

While we like and respect them for what they have accomplished professionally we don't think either of them has earned a PGR Flag Line.

Read our home page if you have any questions on our Mission Statement...

The excitement and passion people feel for what we do is  amazing and wonderful!! We just need to keep it tempered back to what we do while representing who we are.

Any and all of  us are welcome to do whatever we choose as citizens.... we only request that you don't wear your PGR gear if it might create confusion or a question if we are involved in it.


Karla Richardson
Minnesota PGR State Captain

Doug Bley
President, MN Patriot Guard

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Minnesota Patriot Guard continues to be busy as we answer the call of families to pay honor, dignity and respect to those who have served and those who are serving. Thank you to each of you who makes this happen!

The Patriot Ride was a great success again this year. Over 2,000 came together to make it a memorable day. Yes, we got poured on again - same place as last year leaving the half way stop, and we know with the storms rolling across MN, some of you were not able to make it. But it was a great day of remembrance and rejuvenation. Kudo's to the Patriot Ride committee, all the volunteers, and to Dennis Kirk - they put in countless hours making sure everything falls in place!

Summer is now upon us. Some things to remember regarding heat, heat indexes and our members. In a state close to ours over the past weekend, 9 flagline members fell out because of heat - this can not happen!! Our leaders and members are precious, and I can't even imagine how a family we are standing alongside would feel if members were not taking care of themselves or put themselves at risk to be on the flagline. We are told to be self-sufficient at missions with food and drinks, but it extends further than that - we need to know when we individually need to step into the shade or a cool space.

There are several things you can do to help:
- review the "Avoid Health Illness Tips" in the member documents area at the state website. This is a quick overview of what to look for and what to do.
- come to missions hydrated and continue to keep yourself hydrated. Don't wait until you are thirsty to drink fluids that hydrate.
- watch out for yourself and each other at missions. If the person standing next to you needs to take a break, take their flag and tell them to go cool down. Keep in mind that if you are riding to a mission, some of your hydration will already be depleted before you even get on the flagline.
- if the RCIC asks you to seek shade or a cool space, don't argue and say you are fine. I've been "yes mom'd" more than once for telling people to come off the flagline to cool off. And that's OK - I'd rather that than have a member ill or worse. It would of course be preferrable if members identify themselves that they need to cool off, but our leaders will ask/demand if necessary.
- our vests - while they identify who we are - they are a heat/sun magnet! If they need to come off to allow for air circulation and cooling - do it! The flagline shows who we are and why we are there.

Be safe out there! Be smart, take care of yourself and each other!