Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 is an election year - just a reminder that participation in political/lobbying efforts violates our 501c3 status. There are very hefty fines that can be imposed for that participation. Our 501c3 allows us to donate over $60,000 every year right here in Minnesota to our veterans and military - protecting it is important. I believe that each and every one of us would prefer that money to go to our military & veterans rather than paying a large fine or being involved in a law suit.
Many of our members are involved in political activities on their own. Perception is reality, no matter the intent. Wearing MN PG/PGR identification gives the perception that the organization is being represented in an official capacity - do not represent the MN PG/PGR at political/lobbying events in any way
The MN PG/PGR is a non-political organization. We simply cannot appear to be for one side or the other and maintain our relationships with the military, other organizations, and the families we stand with as we honor their hero's.
Support your political choices - but do it on your own as a private citizen - that is your right. By wearing any of your MN PG/PRG items (vest, pins or patches) you could very well be jeopardizing our 501c3 status.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A word from the MN-PG Store:
The main purpose of the MN-PG Store is to provide us with the funds to run the Patriot Guard Riders mission in Minnesota. By keeping our expenses low, the store gives us that opportunity. Our administrative expenses are running at about 4%, which is very low compared to other charities. We can do this as no companies or private parties benefit from the funds received through the MN-PG store. There are no salaries or service fees paid. It is a volunteer venture. The only expenses incurred are costs of goods sold and shipping/handling charges.
Dennis Kirk provides free shipping. We pay Dennis Kirk for the postage and handling materials. This is extremely generous of Dennis Kirk. Please provide your support to Dennis Kirk any way you can.
However, if you have any issues with an order you HAVE to contact me for resolution!! Dennis Kirk cannot help you with any questions or order issues. Just email store@mnpatriotguard.org and I will help you with your issues. The majority of Dennis Kirk employees have no knowledge of the service they provide the MN-PG store. There are only a few dedicated people involved in this service. Please take the time to thank them whenever you can.
If you have any questions / issues with your MN-PG store items just contact store@mnpatriotguard.org. - I promise I will take care of you. Please keep in mind, the Minnesota Patriot Guard Store is totally separate from the National Patriot Guard Riders Store. I cannot help you with issues residing with orders from the National Patriot Guard Riders Store.
We have some new items in the store - like a Watch Cap with MN-PG Embroidered on it, see that here: http://www.mnpatriotguard.org/store/gearapp.asp
Also, check out the items on our Sale page, http://www.mnpatriotguard.org/store/geardis.asp
The coffee cups we have for sale here are REALLY nice! I have 4 of them and it is the only coffee cup I use at home. They are really nice if you are working at a desk all day - it lets people know about the Patriot Guard - and may spark their interest in joining. These make a nice "just thinking of you" gift for you daughter or wife/girlfriend also. There is also a nice Thermos Brand Travel Mug that would make a nice 'just thinking of you" gift for your husband/boyfriend!
So please, come back and visit the MN Patriot Guard Store and help support the Patriot Guard - the military and their families!  
John Redfield
Winter is definitely here!  Just a reminder on attending missions - make sure you are dressed for the elements.  Frostbite and other cold weather injuries can happen in a matter of minutes if not prepared!  Safety of leaders & members is important - we need you and appreciate you, but we want you safe!

Thank you for all you do!