Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Twin Cities Chapter of the Military Mama Network, the Minnesota Patriot Guard and the Military Salute Project invite you to join us in sending cards to the nearly 1,000 residents of Minnesota's five Veterans Homes to thank them for their service and hopefully brighten their day. Individuals, groups and organizations nationwide are encouraged to participate.
The Minneapolis Veterans Home has approx 525 residents, the Hastings Veterans Home approx 200 residents, the Silver Bay Veterans Home approx 90 residents, the Fergus Falls Veterans Home approx 100 residents and the Luverne Veterans Home approx 85 residents.

Your card or letter can include a note of thanks and appreciation for the Veteran's service. We hope to be able to give every resident at least one. Packs of 10 generic "Thank You" cards with envelopes are available at Target or Walmart for about $5.00.
Please mail cards for the Minneapolis Veterans Home and/or the Hastings Veterans Home and/or the Fergus Falls Veterans Home to Lynn Soler, the Twin Cities Military Mama Network Chair. Lynn will allocate and deliver the cards in bulk to the respective homes. If you wish to send a card to all three homes, please mail them in separate envelopes. Print MPLS in the lower left corner of the front of one envelope, print HAST in the lower left corner of the front of the second envelope, and print FERG in the lower left corner of the front of the third envelope.
Lynn Soler
Cards For Veterans
8085 71st Street Court South
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
Cards and letters for the Silver Bay and Luverne can be mailed directly to each home.
Silver Bay Veterans Home
Attn: Ward Wallin
45 Banks Blvd
Silver Bay, MN 55614
The Luverne home requests that cards are sent in early November for Veterans Day.
Luverne Veterans Home
Attn: Duane Mabon
P.O. Box 539
Luverne, MN 56156
Please note: Send cards and letters ONLY. Because of dietary restrictions and potential allergies, do not send any food items.
Please share. Thank you!
Jeff Seeber, Director
Military Salute Project
Woodbury, MN

Thursday, June 4, 2015

We would like to announce some leadership changes in the Southern Region.  Joel, the Albert Lea Ride Captain and Southern Region Senior Ride Captain has relocated to Wisconsin. 
Joel - thank you for everything, and your many years dedicated to the mission of the MN PG/PGR!  Wisconsin is gaining a great asset - we wish you all the very best!
Paul Ramsbey, Worthington Ride Captain, accepted the position of Southern Region Senior Ride Captain.  After votes by the leadership in the Southern Region, he became the SRC for the Southern Region effective 1 June.  Paul brings a wealth of knowledge to the position and the Southern Region will remain in good hands. 
Richard Clark accepted the position of Ride Captain for the Albert Lea sector - thank you Richard!  Chuck Crabtree also came on as an Assistant Ride Captain in Albert Lea. 
Thank you to both of these gentlemen for their willingness to step into leadership!
Thank you to all for everything you do!  We can't do our mission without the leaders and members that make it all happen.