Thursday, September 26, 2013

In order to keep donations, store profits, and funds raised within the state of Minnesota, to benefit Minnesota military and veterans, we incorporated as a 501C3 back in 2006. The Board of Directors (BoD) came along with that, and MN PG Inc. was created to provide oversight of the MN PG business operations to support the mission needs in MN and develop policies that are complementary to the MN PG Inc. mission. The BoD is responsible for the money side of the house, and policy/guidelines to minimize the liability and risk to the organization.
The BoD consists of 7 members. Standing positions include the State Captain, Assistant State Captain, Secretary and/or Treasurer, Senior Ride Captain designate. Three positions are at large positions with alternating two year terms, and no more than 2 may be from MN PG leadership.  The Board members list can be found on the Sector/Contact page at our website.
The Bod is charged with numerous responsibilities, including:
  1. Set, approve, communicate and ensure adherence for the MNPG organizational vision, strategy, goals, plans and budgets.
  2. Establish policies, and ensure management systems are in place for compliance.
  3. Annually elect the officers of the MNPG Inc. (BoD positions)
  4. Approve or make appointments of the following positions and roles including, but not limited to the following: * State Captain * Assistant State Captain * Law Enforcement Coordinator * Public Affairs Coordinator * Store Coordinator * IT Coordinator * Librarian/Historian
  5. Approve major engagements in public policy and other external affairs activities.
  6. Establish, and hold the all officers and positions of Leadership accountable to measures of organizational performance.
  7. Ensure appropriate management of major risks (including risks to the MNPG's name, reputation, and intellectual property).
  8. Set policy and criteria for management and distribution of the MNPG's financial assets, and monitor performance against these policies and criteria. Make presentations of donations as requested by receiving party.
  9. Preserve the MNPG's core philosophical tenets, its non-confrontational style, and its willingness to take well-considered risks, consistent with its ethical standards, to accomplish its missions and programs.
  10. Establish contacts with other groups that support the organization's core mission objectives, and work with appropriate Leadership as deemed necessary to accomplish MNPG's mission.
  11. Help raise funds for MNPG.
  12. Position the MNPG as a highly effective, reputable and credible non-profit organization.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The new website for National ( is kicking off on 29 September 2013!  You will notice some changes - one being a requested option to see missions in your area at a glance.  This comes in handy for our snowbirds or if you are travelling to another state and want to see what's going on in that area.
When the process begins on Sunday, 29 Sep, the current website will go down.  At some point on Monday, 30 Sep, the new website will be live and on-line.
When you go to the new site for the first time, there are some steps you will need to take:
- all members will need to reset their password.  None of the existing passwords could be transferred.
- you will be required to read and agree to the Terms of Use Policy, a Ride Waiver Release of Liability form, and a few other housekeeping items such as completing your profile if anything is missing.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ("TTAB") ruled that Patriot Guard Riders, Inc. ("PGR") is the owner of the PGR marks.  In order to enforce the TTAB's ruling, PGR sued Jeff Brown for trademark infringement in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma.  PGR and Jeff Brown have now come to an amicable settlement, and Jeff Brown has waived his right to appeal the TTAB decision, rather than continue to fight over this issue.

In view of this settlement, PGR-branded merchandise will now only be available for purchase through the PGR's store.

Regardless of whether you previously supported PGR or Jeff Brown in the trademark dispute, we encourage all members to unite and put our combined efforts toward supporting our Active Duty Military, First Responders, Veterans and their families.  We further request that all personal attacks against Jeff Brown (a/k/a Twister), Bonnie Brown (a/k/a "Force-5" or "F-5"), Twister's Store, the PGR, and/or any of the PGR's members be discontinued immediately

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Who is the Missions Team and what do they do?
The Missions Team is comprised of the 4 Senior Ride Captains, Assistant State Captain, and State Captain.  Prior State Captains & Assistant State Captains, who left their positions in good standing are also able to stay on the Missions Team if they wish.
The Missions Team is responsible for many things, and put in a lot of extra hours to ensure our mission is done.
  • Receives all mission requests and makes decisions based on the mission scope
  • If the request meets the mission scope it is passed on to the sector Ride Captain for final acceptance
  • Declines a request if it does not fit the mission scope
  • Upholds the Mission Scope, as voted on by the LAC and ratified by the Board of Directors.  Also charged with upholding the policies and guidelines of the organization.
  • Answer email inquiries from military, veterans, families, members, other organizations, and general questions about the organization
  • Determine exceptions to the Mission Scope
  • Involved in developing and making recommendations of guidelines, policies and mission scope prior to presentation to leadership 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Congratulations and thanks to Lon & Angela Hellerud as the Metro SE Ride Captains!
Congratulations and thanks to Dan Wilkenson as the Metro Senior Ride Captain!  As laid out in our leader description documents, the Metro RC's have voted and confirmed their choice of Dan as the Metro SRC.
The Leader Advisory Committee (LAC), comprised of all the state Ride Captains and Senior Ride Captains have voted to accept the changed Mission Statement for the Minnesota Patriot Guard.  The Board of Directors have voted and ratified.  Changes were to correctly update/reflect in line of duty Police, Firefighters, and First Responders; and to remove the "one thing we have in common ... motorcycles" as there is no requirement to ride in order to pay Honor, Dignity, and Respect.  The new MN PG Mission Statement is as follows:

“The Minnesota Patriot Guard is a 100% Volunteer, registered 501(c)3 non-profit  Organization which ensures Honor, Dignity, and Respect at memorial services honoring Fallen Military Heroes, Honorably discharged Veterans, and line of duty Police, Firefighters, and First Responders.”  Members of the Minnesota Patriot Guard are all members of Patriot Guard Riders National Organization and believe very strongly in its mission.
Minnesota Patriot Guard is a diverse group of individuals with one thing in common: we all have tremendous respect for those who risk their lives every day, whether on American soil or abroad, in securing our Nation's freedoms and liberties.  We welcome those who do not ride motorcycles, those who are not veterans, and those who come from different states.  We encourage those who share this respect to join us in support of all those that have served.

We accomplish our mission strictly through legal and non-violent means.

MN Patriot Guard Mission statement:   To attend the funeral services of fallen American heroes as invited guests of the family, Providing Honor, Dignity, and Respect.
Other missions undertaken by Minnesota Patriot Guard include:

Funeral Missions as requested by families.
Welcome Home and Deployment Send off Missions.
Visits to VA Medical Centers and MN Veteran Homes.