Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Riding Season & Warm Weather are here - some things to consider:

Now that riding season and warmer weather have finally arrived, it’s a good time to go over a few things.

We are not about motorcycles! We have many members who do not ride and we are grateful for their attendance at our missions and events. It doesn’t matter HOW you get to a Patriot Guard mission or event - what is important is that you are there to pay honor, dignity, and respect to someone serving or have served our great nation; and that you arrive safely there and home again. Instead of teasing someone who didn’t ride a motorcycle to a Mission how about welcoming them instead?

As the temps rise, we all need to be thinking about sunburn, heat stroke, heat exhaustion and all the other things that come with warm weather. Please take care of yourself and watch out for each other. We have faithful members who would rather pass out on the flag line than to step aside to cool off - definitely not what we want! Drink plenty of water to hydrate before and during the Mission. As a note… only bottled water should be on a flag line.

MN PG/PGR identification: some things to remember……

      - Set the right example when riding/driving with MN PG/PGR identification (patches, logo's, magnets, etc). Believe it or not, we have and do receive emails from the general public who saw someone going down the road (vehicle or bike), or visiting establishments and other venues, identified as MN PG/PGR because of a logo/patch/sticker/magnet, and were not impressed with what they saw - what you do reflects on the organization, including all of our members and leaders. It's about our mission and taking reasonable measures to protect it.

      - While some states have gone as far as mandating a PGR back patch to only be worn at official missions/events, we have not gone that route here in MN. Please keep in mind that you are representing not only the MN Patriot Guard and the PGR, but also all those we have stood for and their families. We recognize it is your patch to do as you choose but please remember when wearing it out for fun, what and who we represent. Wearing the identification at things like political events violate our 501c3.

     - When riding through other states be aware that not every state accepts wearing your PGR patches unless you are at a Mission. This is especially so if you still have the old 3 piece patch. In some states that is strictly enforced so know what the requirements are in the states you are travelling in. Some of those groups may be less than pleased and their actions less than pleasant. This is your responsibility to know. We do not keep track of what other states mandate.

      - Just a reminder, as we want all of you safe! We are not an MC, nor a Riding Club/Group.

Merchandise…… Patches, Pins, T Shirts, and Other Goods: The MN Patriot Guard and Patriot Guard Riders logos and slogans are trademarked and owned by either the MN Patriot Guard or Patriot Guard Riders. Those two organizations are the only ones authorized to use those symbols or words and provide them for sale. If you buy merchandise from any other place or person they are counterfeit. Sadly counterfeit goods exist and only line someone’s personal pocket - not the organizations and military groups we support. Buying from our state or the national store ensures that you are purchasing original (not counterfeit), and benefit those groups we support as well as our own costs (website, plaques for families of fallen, etc).

The Patriot Ride is 15 June!! This is a great opportunity to meet with each other, and re-charge the batteries for what we do and what our mission is. It is also an opportunity to reflect on those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for their freedoms and ensure that their families know that these brave men & women are never forgotten! If you have not yet registered, you can pre-register and purchase raffle tickets for a 2013 HD Street Glide or $10,000 cash at There are also links for information on lodging and the ride.

Thank you for all you do!