Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hey thanks for everything you do to show Honor, Dignity, and Respect to those that have served or are serving to protect those freedoms that our nation has.  We as a group are a quiet one, we ride or drive in with no fanfare, we show Honor, Dignity, and Respect with our flag line, and we quietly depart.   It isn't and never was about each of us or us as a group.  What it is about is Honor, Dignity, and Respect.
We as the MN Patriot Guard/PGR (one in the same when it comes to a mission) are invited guests.  Each mission has an RCIC (PGR Ride Captain In Charge) that is working directly with the family, funeral home, Military person, or event organizer. The RCIC has the details of what is being asked of us to do at the mission.  Sometimes the organizer just says that we know best and lets the RCIC do what we do best, other times they give the RCIC specific instructions on even where to park and stand.  The RCIC is tasked with making sure those instructions are followed at the mission.
For the most part our group does what we do superbly.  Sometimes as an RCIC we are amazed at how you work as a team.  Those that have attended so many of the missions seem to know instinctively what needs to be done after the RCIC does the briefing - makes the RCIC smile.  We need your help, lately we have people that don't get why we are there like the rest of our group.  We have had a few people that think their bikes are so pretty they should park them right up front and not where the organizer and RCIC have designated; or park where they have "always parked" - no mission is the same - things can and do change at locations we have been to many times.  We have had people show up at a mission that refuse to follow what the families have asked of us.  Where we need your help is to support and work with the RCIC when someone in our group forgets why we are there.  It is very important that we do exactly what has been asked of us, especially at a funeral where the family is grieving a loved one and is already having a hard time coping - they need things done just as they asked.  We are of service to them and their wishes.
All of you are special people for what you do, there isn't anyone that does it better than you do showing Honor, Dignity, and Respect.  Let's make sure we make what we do is about who we are there for and not let the few spoil the day for the grieving families.
Thank you for doing what you do when you can, you are the greatest, God Bless you all.
Tim Leonhardt
MNPG President