Thursday, December 19, 2013

Welcome to:  Devan Jahn, new ARC in the Willmar Sector and Ken Worden, new ARC in the Metro SE.   Thanks to both of you for stepping up.
Winter is definitely here!  And along with it, ice and snow on roadways, parking lots and everywhere else.  Please make sure you allow enough time to safely get to missions and back home again. 
At missions, we are often in some tighter spaces to accommodate family & friends - look to make sure someone is not behind you when backing up or maneuvering - sometimes we can't stop as quick as we would like or think we can, or someone having to move quickly out of our way could get hurt.  Snow is also piled up and hard to see around.
Dress accordingly for weather conditions - we want you safe!  Standing on the flag line can get cold - bring extra clothing you may need to stay warm!  Frostbite and other winter maladies are serious, so be prepared.
The new Watch Cap are now in our store to help keep heads & ears warm - check out the store for other high quality items.  You can find the store at and click on MN PG Gear.
Thank you for all you do!