Monday, December 22, 2008

An added bit of cheer!

I just wanted to pass this along to all of you.

Earlier this summer we received a large quantity of phone cards donated by the SCVR (St. Croix Valley Riders), It took awhile but with the help of Dwight Smith - President , Patty Magyar - Gifts for the Troops , Mr. Lynn Larson - Toy's for Tots, Indian John, and Yvonne Zappa the cards found a home.

They were sen to the 175 FSC that is preparing to deploy out of Appleton, MN, The cards were received due to the
2008 SCVR Red Barn Run Sign up with Miller Beer for "Keep Your Balance Pledge" sign up and they give you a 20 Min Ph card.

The unit was so happy to get them.Young soldiers will be getting them to stay in contact with their parents, and spouses while training. They will come in so handy.

Thank you to all who were involved in helping keep out troops in contact with their loved ones.

Standing in a flag line

Tim Leonhardt, our IT person and Metro NW ARC sent the following:

Standing in a flag line we don't see what is going on in the people minds as they walk by. I have wondered at times why a soldier would walk by with their head down, avoiding eye contact. I got my answer at the FPA held at the convention center, I had a captain tell me that his soldiers feel so emotional when they see us standing in honor for them they don't know how to respond. He went on to say that the soldiers are strong, proud, and pride themselves on being prepared for everything. But when they see you standing there holding a flag in their honor, they are caught off guard and they realize that they have a vulnerability. Some just look down to hide what they feel is a weakness and have no eye contact so we can't see the emotions they are having. Sounds familiar doesn't it? only we hide ours behind sunglasses.

Thanks Tim.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We have an official Historian

I'd like to introduce you to Scott Smith, one of our Rochester Sector ARC's, and our new Minnesota Patriot Guard Historian.

While Scott and the leadership team are working on a solution to make our historical archive available to the public, we need to start collecting those newspaper articles, photographs and thank you notes, before they are lost forever.

So, if you have any newspaper articles or photographs that you think are important for us to preserve for future Minnesotans, please make a copy of them (preferably digital), and send them to Scott at:

Feel free to contact Scott for his snail mail address if you'd rather send him photocopies or original articles. Please do not request that Scott scan them and return them to you, as we can't ask him to donate the time to scan in photographs or documents and then pay the postage to return them to you.

If you have suggestions for Scott, feel free to send them to him at:

We currently have some thank you notes and photographs already posted on our website if you'd like to check them out at:

Thanks again Scott for stepping up and filling a huge need.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

PGR Garage Sale - Proceed to Legal Defense Fund

Just an FYI, Patriot Guard Riders is holding a Garage Sale on eBay with the proceeds going to the Legal Defense Fund. They have items currently on sale, so please check them out. To see what's currently being offered go to:

The following is posted on the National Website:

As we accessorize and customize our bikes we all end up with a garage full of parts that collect dust and take up space. We can't bring ourselves to get rid of these items, but we have no good use for them and may never need them again. Well, the PGR now has a need for those items. We need you to go through your garage and DONATE all of your good, clean, unwanted motorcycle accessories/parts to the PGR. We will sell these items on eBay and all proceeds (sales less shipping costs) will be used for the Legal Defense Fund. Motorcycle parts/accessories include pegs, seats, lights, handle bars, grips, kickstands, sissie bars, luggage, bags, mirrors, etc...

Please follow the simple steps listed below should you choose to participate in this event.

Ship your donated item to:

PGR Garage Sale
900 N. East Ave.
Panama City, Florida 32401

Include a description with all pertinent info such as Part #, Make, Model, and Year if the item is bike specific.

Please include your name and email address as we will email you a receipt for your tax deductible donation. It will be up to each individual contributor to list the value of the donated item(s) on each receipt when received.

Should you have any questions that are specific to this fund raising event please email them to:

Thank you.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You Do Make A Difference

This comes from Doug Bley, the Ride Captain from Metro NW...George

Someone I do business with has supported the MN Patriot Guard simply because I said it was a good thing. I received this email today and it reminded me of the real value we bring holding that American flag. Earlier this year Monica talked about the face of the Patriot Guard being the flag. That in mind I reminded my friend that what he saw in AZ he would see all across this great land. Ordinary people honoring heroes in silence and with dignity. Making a difference in their communities. Thank you, MN Patriot Guard members, for being part of this wonderful movement and rebirth of patriotism.


I went to AZ after the holiday and had two sales calls Monday of this week. In between the two I stopped by where I go to Church there and could not figure out why on a Monday morning around noon the parking lot was full. As I got to the back of the lot I saw all of these motorcycles parked with American flags and then could see them standing guard by the entrance to the Church. What an experience, I have seen short news clips about your group, but never seen this in person. You are a dedicated group.