Monday, March 24, 2008

Sick of Your E-Mails

This was a striking email that Jeff & Deb Good, Ride Captains for the NE Metro, passed on to a few of us; I wanted everyone to see it:

Jeff and all Minnesota Riders,

I just wanted to let you know how sick I am of getting your e-mails. Everyday, I seem to get something in my inbox that says you have a mission for a soldier.

It breaks my heart to know that our soldiers are dying out there and that the families are requesting your services.

But, I want to thank every single one of you and your members for providing those services to all of our soldiers past and present. As a Desert Storm veteran and a disabled veteran at that, I thank God everyday that I was able to serve my country and return home with only emotional scars.

I also thank God everyday that people like you, for which I wish I could also help but cant because of my disability, are out there reaching out to those families who have members who have passed away recently in the war in Iraq, or have served in peace and other wars in the past. Your work and dedication to keeping pride to our soldiers and protecting the freedoms that they lost their lives to, well, there are just no words on paper that express how much it means to everyone that you touch.

Your members have and will continue to give to those families in pain of those lost, the comfort of seeing flags on motorcycles. I wish you didn't have to exsist, but I am also thankful that you do.

God Bless each and everyone of your members, and all the soldiers of all wars in the defence of this great nation.

With love in my heart for you all as a brother soldier,

Desert Storm Veteran

( I hope my e-mail didn't scare you too much at the beginning )


I know Jeff already replied to you, but I wanted to echo his words on behalf of all of us. Yeah, that subject line scared me. The message within made me choke up. We wish we didn't have to exist either, but I'm glad we do.

And I'm honored to say on behalf of everyone in Minnesota, Thank You and Welcome Home.