Monday, April 4, 2016

We are excited to announce the opening of the nomination period for two At-Large positions on the Board of Directors for the MN Patriot Guard.  The current 2-year terms of Doug Bley and Greg Yung are up for election.
The Board of Directors consists of the; State Captain, Assistant State Captain, Senior Ride Captain Representative, Secretary, Treasurer, and the 4 At-Large Positions elected by the Leadership Advisory Committee.  Other than the At-Large positions these are standing positions to the Board of Directors.
The responsibilities of the Directors are to provide oversight of the MNPG business operations to support the mission needs in Minnesota and develop MNPG policies that are complementary to the Patriot Guard Riders, Inc, mission.  Broadly speaking...  you will provide input and opinions to the Missions Scope, Financial Operations, and Strategy and Purpose of the MN Patriot Guard.
The President and Vice President positions are voted on annually by the Board after the elections.
Full information can be found in the Leadership Descriptions found in the Members Documents area at
If you are interested please nominate yourself by filling out the information required when you click the link on the home page of the MN Patriot Guard.
You are free to nominate somebody else but please be sure they are willing to serve and have provided you all the information required in the form.
The nominations period goes through April 23, 2016.  Voting by the Leadership Advisory Committee will take place through May 8, 2016.  Announcements will be made in May and the new Board installed via email.
Because my term is up the election process will be overseen by Dick Kelso (Secretary) and with assistance from Mark Lea (Vice President) and Karla Richardson (State Captain).
We are often asked about voting being open to everybody.  The truth is we don't have the technology and don't want to spend the big amount of money on it.  We ask you review all the candidate profiles that will be listed on our website and give your feedback and opinion to your Ride Captain.  They will be your sector voice in the election.
Thanks for all you do and your heart in the Mission.
Doug Bley
President, MN Patriot Guard