Tuesday, November 22, 2016

From National President - 19 November 2016

 My brothers and sisters,

I hadn't planned another update this soon but in light of recent  events I think it's warranted.

The recent election seems to have further polarized our country. It  has created some tension that we've not seen in recent memory. This  tension has  even prompted violence.

I will again ask you to keep your eye on the ball and your head on a  swivel. Our mission is to protect and shield our heroes and their  families against unwanted disruptions. These disruptions may come from  an unexpected direction in these days.

I read with tears and disbelief that the family of one of our heroes,  who was killed in action a few days ago, was actually booed by fellow  passengers as they brought their son home. Our California PGR was  there and took good care of this hero and his family. I hope that this  grieving family knows that they do not stand alone and that all true  Americans honor their sacrifice and share their grief.

Remember that we are not a counter protest group and we are not  confrontational nor are we political.

Let me be very specific here because I want no misunderstanding and I  need your help in spreading the word. I recently saw a notification on  social media that a large number of riders are planning to go to  Washington. Above that notification was an unmistakable pic of of the  PGR during an honor mission escort. If you didn't know better you  would think that it was the PGR organizing that effort or at the least  that we supported it. Of course nothing could be further from the  truth and this picture is being used without permission.

We will not endorse or participate in any event that is not a clear  part of our stated mission or makes any political statement....period.

Now if you want to join this effort or any effort, feel free to do so.   It is your absolute right and the PGR supports that right. If you  chose to do so however, leave your vest, your PGR banner and flag at
home. To not do so would be in violation of the member code of conduct  and frankly sends a disappointing message that you put yourself ahead  of our mission.

Remember that it's not about us....

 Rob "bees" Butler
Patriot Guard Riders