Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We have an official Historian

I'd like to introduce you to Scott Smith, one of our Rochester Sector ARC's, and our new Minnesota Patriot Guard Historian.

While Scott and the leadership team are working on a solution to make our historical archive available to the public, we need to start collecting those newspaper articles, photographs and thank you notes, before they are lost forever.

So, if you have any newspaper articles or photographs that you think are important for us to preserve for future Minnesotans, please make a copy of them (preferably digital), and send them to Scott at:

Feel free to contact Scott for his snail mail address if you'd rather send him photocopies or original articles. Please do not request that Scott scan them and return them to you, as we can't ask him to donate the time to scan in photographs or documents and then pay the postage to return them to you.

If you have suggestions for Scott, feel free to send them to him at:

We currently have some thank you notes and photographs already posted on our website if you'd like to check them out at:

Thanks again Scott for stepping up and filling a huge need.